La mejor parte de maluma babay

La mejor parte de maluma babay

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The “Hawái” singer first made the big reveal during his Don Juan tour stop in Washington, D.C., on Thursday (Oct. 19).  “Music is the only way I Perro talk to my fans and I wanted to let them know that I’m having a baby,” he said in an interview with NPR Music‘s Alt.Latino

Y como si esto fuera poco, el intérprete colombiano Encima estrenó “Junio” en vivo y directo en el escenario de los Premios Billboard con una explosiva presentación en primicia que deleitó a todos.

Maluma no aguanta más y se declara a su novia, Susana Gómez, en pleno concierto: "Eres el apego de mi vida"

For me, that's another thing that I really want to do. I actually want to go next year and stay a couple of months in Los Angeles and become the actor that I want to be too. I want to keep writing music. I want to be on top of the charts. I want to be the artist that I see and feel that I admire that artist. But, for me, the main thing is to be the human being that I am right now. I want to keep my values, keep who I am. I want to keep being this kid from Medellin that I'm going to show you right now. My hometown? This is where I was born, man. This is where I belong. I don't want to lose my roots. I want to keep dreaming to become that huge artist. But the only way I'm going to do it is if I keep grounded. If not, I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to get there.

El nuevo single de Maluma ya tiene plazo de lanzamiento. El artista colombiano ha anunciado a través de sus redes sociales el lanzamiento de Junio, una canción muy esperada por todos sus fans, que verá la vela el próximo jueves 29 de septiembre.

Siempre cuidando no mostrar la carita de su bebé, pero dispuesto a compartir los grandes aspectos de su vida descendiente, Maluma publicó una nueva serie de fotos junto a la pequeña.

Entre individualidad y otro, Maluma encuentra ocasiones para sazonar su sedoso shakira grammys 2023 sonido urbano con toques de bachata, ritmos de soca shakira latin grammy 2023 y aires tropicales.

"DON JUAN" arrives, Maluma's most recent album, consolidating the evolution of his artistic career and thus beginning his world tour in the United States.

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Maluma: What Leo always told me that family is first. That's, for me, a fact. Because sometimes we get distracted in so many things and we lose our energy going out, doing so many things. And I feel like energy is the saco for everything we do in our lives.

Ahead of his new chapter as a soon-to-be dad, the singer previously opened up about his desire to start a family someday. In fact, his outlook served Ganador the inspiration for his 2020 ballad, "ADMV," an abbreviation for "Amor De shakira esta embarazada Mi Vida."

Maluma is a regular guy who's seeing a rich girl. She has a boyfriend that mistreats her but her parents want her to date him because he has money. Maluma insists on spending time with her. ... Read allMaluma is a regular guy who's seeing a shakira bzrp rich girl. She has a boyfriend that mistreats her but her shakira el jefe parents want her to date him because he has money.

“Paris, our beautiful daughter, she’s growing inside her mom’s belly and she gives me many reasons to keep dreaming,” he said. “It’s like she made a reset on my mind. She’s everything to me right now. It’s crazy. It’s a crazy feeling that only parents are going to understand.”

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